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Life as we know it HAS CHANGED RAPIDLY. Now more than ever we are learning to be CREATIVE, FLEXIBLE and ADAPTABLE giving us the opportunity to use our ingenuity and resourcefulness to its fullest!

 Attendees at “online” conferences and events still need to feel connected and valued as an important participant. We have a range of gift packs below, however if you would like to have your own PERSONALISED PACK, then please contact us on 1300 799581 or email

 We can help you create a pack that will inspire – products with meaning and purpose for your Brand and the event.

Include a fun, active idea such as a hacky sack, bounce ball or a skipping rope for online ‘5 minute’ challenges or perhaps a yoga mat for a 10 minute mindfulness class…..

Be resourceful and distinctive!

A packet of seeds with a message of unity ‘let’s grow together’ this may inspire ‘their green thumb’ and create a colourful pot of flowers or herbs to enjoy long after the event!

 ADZ Impact can help you build creative ‘marketing’ strategies with GIFT PACKS that will foster stronger working relationships.

 C – Chocolates, Candles, Colouring In Books and Teatowels, Chargers and Cables, Calico Bags, Calendar Coaster Set …..

A – Aroma Therapy Soaps, Adaptors, Automotive products …..

R – Reusable Drinking Straw Sets, Rulers, Rubik Cubes, Rubber Ducks, Rubber Thongs ……

E – Earphones, Environmentally friendly products, Entertainment ideas (wine and cheese boards, playing cards) ……

 In times like these ENGAGEMENT is an essential element in keeping our clients informed that we are OPEN FOR BUSINESS.